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Does it matter how you apply your foundation?
(sorry for the dirty mirror and the hair everywhere. -__- My hair loves to travel and when I wiped my mirror down with the paper towel, it looked clean, and then the flash caught every little detail of the fibers that it had left behind. xD)

Obviously this isn’t going to be a 100% accurate example of how these methods work on your skin but it is VERY close and it gives a great “gist”! 

Left to right:
Finger, Paddle brush, Stippling brush, Flat top powder brush, and a blush brush.

YES, it does matter very much so how you apply your foundation.
You fingers and a paddle brush can come off MUCH more streaky than a stippling brush.
In my opinion, stippling brushes are the best bet for almost everybody! They give a full coverage, have NO streaking, and really makes use of all the product!

As you can see, all different methods give different types of coverage and smoothness! Figure out which is best for you. :)

Issues with blending? Stippling brushes are you best bet.
Want more of a sheer coverage? Try a flat top powder brush.
Want an extremely heavy coverage? Try a blush brush!

I have an affinity for stippling brushes.

I have an affinity for stippling brushes.

Costco Brand Brushes Review!

I found this brush set at Costco for 13 bucks… I figured “why the heck not?” So I brought them home to review for you guys!

I’ll start with the packaging.
They come in a big box that has 10 brushes, a brush roll, and a guide with tips explaining how to use each of the brushes.

The brush roll feels like it’s really nice quality! It has quite a bit of heft to it. It holds 9 brushes, has a flap to keep your bristles safe, and a pouch on the side to hold  misc brushes, like a kabuki with no handle, etc.

The brush guide is helpful for beginners… It doesn’t have any “crazy” tips or anything, just very basic for it’s very basic brushes!

Each brush is imprinted with the Costco “Kirkland” logo… I have to say it’s a bit tacky but… Oh well! The bristles are all very soft, do not shed, and have quite a bit of bristles in tact! They feel like quality brushes. The handles are clear with a tube of purple on the inside, they feel pretty cool.

Now, to review each brush!
(from left to right in the first photo)

Powder brush: Large, has a nice amount of density, is fairly soft but could be a bit softer. This isn’t exactly one of my favorites from the bunch, but it works well!

Stippling Brush: This stippling brush is a step up from ELF’s Studio Stippling brush (you’ll know what I mean if you have it…!) It actually feels like it has duo fibers and it can pick up a good amount of product. No, it is NOT a dupe for Mac’s 188 but it is pretty good!

Foundation Brush: I like this foundation/concealer brush but I personally wouldn’t use it on my face because I don’t like these types of brushes on me. It’s a domed foundation brush, which I thought was a really nice touch in this little set! Usually kits like these come with a paddle brush, but since this one is domed, it is a brush that can mimic our fingers the closest! It’s great for getting into little crevices of your face, like your nose, around your eyes, and your lips. It’s very stiff but still soft. 

Flat Top Powder brush: This brush is okay, I personally like the ELF powder brush more, but this one works fine! It’s soft and fairly dense.

Domed eyeshadow blending brush: I was actually very displeased with this brush. It must’ve been a faulty because the hairs were actually splitting on the ends… I have yet to wash this brush so maybe it will end up better afterwords! It just feels very dry and brittle.

Angled brush: This is a very large angled eyeshadow brush! It’s great for people with deepset eyes to blend out their crease with. It’s large enough to be used as a precise contouring brush as well.

Eyeshadow brush: Regular shading brush, tightly packed and very soft!

Flat defining brush: Great for lining your eyes, although I prefer pointed and angled brushes better, this one is still nice!

(up top)
Highlighting brush: This is nice and soft and is great for light washes of color.

Angled Kabuki: This is my most favorite brush out of the set, worth the 13 dollars on its own! It’s extremely dense, the SOFTEST of the bunch, and doesn’t shed one bit!

Overall, I’m very pleased for where my 13 dollars went. ;) I think it’s a great kit for people who like makeup but don’t want to invest in Mac or other high end brushes! 

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