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Mac 2011 Holiday Pigments

Mac Mineralized Eyeshadow in Clarity


Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo.

I’ve been in love with these for a while, I’ve been itching to get Istanbul, Tokyo, and Antwerp for AGES but every time I go into Ulta they are always gone!

I like this one but it’s a bit dark for spring. I’ll wear it when I go out though! 

If you haven’t tried Nyx Matte Lip creams, you really should. They have the most interesting texture out there and they aren’t drying! Very pigmented and very consistent.  

Kayleena’s MUST HAVE spring lips! What’s trending for your smoochers this spring?

I managed to go through my lipsticks and pull out a few ( I know that a lot of you are probably rolling your eyes at this…) lipsticks that I feel like are must have colors for this spring!

As we all know, spring is awesome. It’s full of beautiful flowers and brisk winds that will tousle your hair into a sexy mess in every romantic comedy possible. 

In reality, in my drab and dreary world of Oregon, we just get some more rain and occasionally some beautiful blossoming trees like above. (photo taken by me.)

So, since my reality is so awfully boring, I LOVE to spice it up with some bright lippies! My absolute number one must haves are bright pinks.

Bright Pinks
(pictured on top row from left to right)
Nyx Matte Lip Cream in Addis Abah, Milani Rose Hip, Mac Show Orchid

-I absolutely love Nyx’s Matte Lip Cream for these reasons:

  • It’s matte
  • It’s a cream
  • It’s easy to apply and easy to wear! 

-Milani Rose Hip is SO bright and just wonderful. I can’t imagine spring without it! At only 3 bucks a pop, it’s more than worth it.

-Show Orchid is very similar to Rose Hip, it’s just a bit more blue and thick since it’s an amplified cream. Wonderful as well!

(Second row from left to right)
Covergirl Temptress, Wet n Wild It’s A Girl, Mac Crosswires. 

-Covergirl Temptress is a gorgeous pinky coral color that is super creamy!

-Wet n Wild It’s a Girl is extremely similar to covergirl temptress, and a fraction of the price!

-Mac Crosswires is much more orange than the other two, it’s still one of my favorites. 

(third row from left to right)
Revlon Siren, Revlon Colorburst in Peach, Mac Shy Girl.

-Revlon Siren is a plain orange color that packs a lot of punch!

-Revlon Colorburst in Peach is a soft creamy peachy color, but more orange than Mac’s Shy Girl.

-Mac’s Shy Girl is a very creamy orange color, almost similar to that of a creamsicle! 

(fourth row from left to right)
 Nyx Power, Mac Up The Amp, Revlon Lip Butter in Bubble Gum
-Nyx Power is a pastel purple that is really unique!

-Mac’s Up The Amp is a dark but bright purple that is perfect to match a white sundress… In my mind ;)

-Revlon Lip Butter in Bubble Gum is sheer enough for everyday wear but is more of a cutesy funky color!

Other Pinks 
(Fifth row from left to right)
Nyx Strawberry Milk, Mac’s Saint Germain, Mac’s Lovelorn

-Nyx Strawberry Milk is a very milky light pink, it’s very easter-ish to me!

-Mac’s Saint Germain is a blue based milky bubble gum pink.

-Mac’s Lovelorn is a soft, yet gorgeous and glossy rosey pink. Perfect for everyday wear! 

Swatches of my Inglot Palette.

P= Pearl
M= Matte 

Swatches on the left are the top colors on the palette from left to right
Swatches on the right are the bottom colors on the palette from left to right. 

Review and comparison to Mac is coming up!

Sable eyeshadow by Mac.

LOVING this color! It’s just so dang pretty and rich. 

Saint Germain vs Gaga vs Pink Nouveau for Miss Glitter-Junkie :D

First photo is Pink Nouveau on left, Saint Germain on right.
Second lip swatch is Viva Glam Gaga on left, Saint Germain on right.

From left to right on swatches and lipsticks, Saint Germain, Viva Glam Gaga, Pink Nouveau. 

As you can see, Saint Germain and gaga are VERY similar. Gaga is a lustre finish, so it’s not as opaque as Saint Germain. Saint Germain is also SLIGHTLY more blue toned and milkier, from it’s amplified cream finish.

I personally think that it’s worth it to get both, since Saint Germain is more blue and a lot more opaque! 

Swatches of Nyx Eyeshadow in White Pearl.
Let me know, do you want a review on NYX’s Eyeshadows?

Mac All That Glitters Swatch!

Sinful Colors Nail Polish Review!
(Sorry for the super crappy swatches!) 

Sinful colors have been one of my favorite nail varnish brands for these reasons:

  • Super cheap price
  • Great color pay off
  • Large range of colors
  • Good consistency, not too runny, not too thick!
  • Large amount of product
  • Fairly opaque! 

The only thing bad I can say about them is that they can tend to peal off if you do more than 4 layers or so, which is sad because some of the colors tend to be sheer.

From left to right:
This is it, Soul Mate, Ruby Ruby, Gorgeous, Mint Apple, Let’s Talk, Toxic Shine.

This Is It: Sheer gold sparkly color. 3-5 coats for full opacity.
Soul Mate: Creamy opaque coral.
Ruby Ruby: Sheer rich red color. I’d compare this to a Mac’s Luster Lipstick! It has no sparkles, but a really nice sheer coverage that feels nice. Almost like stained glass!
Gorgeous: Metallic blue/teal. 1 coat will give mostly full coverage. 2 is perfect!
Mint Apple: Minty pale green with gold sparkles… Really unique and pretty.
Let’s Talk: Deep metallic purple with a fuchsia duochrome. 
Toxic Shine: REALLY metallic light purple. 

All retail for about 2 dollars at local drugstores.

Mac Eyeshadows in Brown Down and Satin Taupe.

Mac Mineralized Eyeshadow in Summer Haze. 2012 Mac Naturally Collection.

Long overdue swatches of The Balm Shady Lady Vol. 1 Palette

From left to right:
Caught in the act Courtney, Shameless Shana, Luscious Lani, Jealous Jordana, Risque Renee, Curvy Cami, Jet Setting Jennifer, All About Alex, Easy Wheezie.

Cute names, cute packaging, and even better- the product is fantastic!
These were all swatched with nothing underneath them. GREAT color pay off, extremely smooth, and lots of fun. :) 

Kayleena’s Lipsticks: Purple Edition!

I’m always on the search for purple lipsticks, I love them and have no where near enough! I have my eye on a lilac one from Mac’s Posh collection!
Find my other colors here:

From left to right: Revlon Colorburst Grape, Revlon Va-va Violet, Covergirl Embrace, NYX Power, MAC Bubble Gum

Revlon Colorburst Grape- $7-9, Deep purple lipstick with a sort of glossy finish! Is slightly sheer.

Revlon Va-va Violet- $7-9, The name says it all! When I apply it on myself it has sort of a waxy texture, maybe it was just mine but on darker skinned beauties it looks absolutely ravishing and sexy!

Covergirl Embrace- $5-7, This lipstick is really unique! It’s a purple-y pink with an obvious purple shimmer. It’s hard to see in the photo but in person its VERY multidimensional. I’m very impressed with this lipstick! When blotted it has a lovely pink raspberry color!

NYX Power- $4-5, Pale, opaque, almost lilac color. It’s a bit muted with a greyish tint to it. Very unique!

MAC Bubble Gum- $14.50 This is slightly pink but it’s in the purple section because next to my pink lipsticks it’s much more purple looking! Frost finish gives it a nice sparkly look (;

Kayleena’s Lipsticks: Browns/Nudes Edition!

Continuing on with my lipsticks!
Find the other ones here:

From left to right: MAC “O”, Revlon Coco Cravings, Maybelline Barely There, Mac Viva Glam V, NYX Cirque, MAC Creme D’ Nude, Revlon Nude Attitude, Revlon Soft Nude, MAC Shy Girl.

Mac “O”- $14.50, A plumy brown color with a gold shimmer to it. It’s truly a unique color, I haven’t seen one like it anywhere else! It can be toned down with using a lip brush or worn all out with a nice coating of it.

Revlon Coco Cravings-$7-9, A matte brown lipstick with an orange undertone. It doesn’t work well for my skin but for other’s it’d look beautiful!

Maybelline Barely There- $5-7, A frosty beige-y nude that looks perfect on any skin color.

Mac Viva Glam V- $14.50, Soft pink-y brown with a light frost finish. Is a very wearable lipstick.

Nyx Cirque- $4-5, An almost gold-like nude that has a really fantastic feel to it! Extremely smooth and moisturizing. Just tastes a bit funny! Looks REALLY great on fair skinned girls with red hair… I mean it just looks AMAZING! Of course on other people too, but that’s who I’ve found it looks most striking on.

Mac Creme D Nude- $14.40, Pinky nude, very creamy, is my favorite nude lipstick. Very similar to Revlon Soft Nude.

Revlon Nude Attitude- $7-8, A matte nude with peachy undertones.

Revlon Soft Nude- $7-9, A peachy/pink creamy nude.

Mac Shy Girl- 14.50, A more peachy nude that looks great on anybody. I love it! 

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